Natalie T.

When I started working with Stacy, I was desperate to start feeling in control of my food choices. My biggest struggles were my patterns of "all-or-nothing" thinking and the feelings of shame when I screwed up or let myself down, which was often.

I found tracking your every meal/snack/bite via a shared food journal to be super helpful. When you know you have to be accountable to Stacy and the group AS WELL as yourself, it makes you think twice about what you put in your mouth, which, after some uncomfortable practicing of saying "no" to myself, quickly turned to feelings of empowerment; pride that my habits CAN and ARE changing, slowly and in a lasting way.

The message that continues to resonate with me is that loving the process is of utmost importance. Being focused solely on a goal can make you miserable and impatient. I enjoy the small accomplishments day to day. I remember well what we learned early on in the course- that it's important to view your choices and decisions through the lens of gathering data and information rather than "good" or "bad," "I screwed up and binged before bed and I suck..." Rather, to view your actions in a more neutral, investigative way, such as "Before bed I ate a lot," is more effective at figuring out your food motivations and working to come up with strategies that will work for you, without the shame (which we know is severely detrimental to the brain when it comes to growth and progression).

In Stacy's program, my relationship with food has improved. I always assumed working with a nutritionist would require me to be restrictive and obsessive for the duration of the program, but with hers, she structures it so that from the get-go you are working toward eating in a realistic and sustainable-for-life type of way, which means you learn to make choices and say "yes" and "no" based on your goals- no food is inherently "good" or "bad", "allowed" or "not allowed."

Focusing on what you are already doing well and trying to do more of it has helped me to identify and be proud of some of the habits that I already had that are healthy. Anytime I needed some extra support she was just a text away. The support group aspect of this was also vital to my success- the biweekly individual coaching calls and the weekly Zoom meetings with the group helped me keep on track consistently. Although counting calories and macros was not the main focus of Stacy's coaching (which was appreciated as a person with a busy life), simply learning about the importance of including lots of protein, fiber, and veggies in each meal (and which foods are the best sources of these) and the science of what happens in your body when we eat certain foods has had a profound impact on reducing my sugar cravings and need to snack all the time.

I have been feeling more satisfied after meals (the key is to eat SLOWLY without distraction as often as possible), know more or less what I'm going to eat throughout the day (planning is key) and feel more energized with a greater self-worth after working with Stacy Yates Nutrition program. An added bonus is that Stacy is super fun, relatable, KIND, funny, organized, and knowledgeable... and it feels like you're working with a close friend who is your biggest supporter and only has your best interests in mind.

Tammy M.

I started working with Stacy because I wanted to lose the 15 lbs that I gained over Covid. Besides losing 12 lbs to date, I learned so much more from Stacy than I ever expected. I found the content in her 12-Week program so relatable and it appealed to my logical brain. I felt like I already had a good foundation for a healthy lifestyle but needed some reinforcement, and I got it.

Being able to see what Stacy and the other group members ate and listening to their tips and tricks was also really helpful. 

I learned that having patience with yourself, making small changes, and learning to enjoy the “good stuff” are key. I also learned to accept that we’re not going to be perfect all of the time and that it’s ok not to be.  If you fall off the wagon, just get back on the next day.

Stacy is such a fantastic role model for a healthy lifestyle because she practices what she preaches and is passionate about learning more and trying new things to better herself and her clients.  She’s knowledgeable and motivating and just an overall fantastic, outgoing, fun-loving individual. Thank you Stacy! 

Terri R.

I started working with Stacy last September as I had elevated cholesterol and I wanted to see if I could manage it with nutrition and lifestyle changes instead of medication. All of the evidence-based information shared, and Stacy’s passion for healthy lifestyles helped me reset my own eating so that I was able to eat the foods that made me feel healthy and that got my blood work back to where it should be!

Stacy’s approach is non-judgmental but also provides accountability you need. Her expertise and sharing of quality information promote finding a balance for yourself that is sustainable. It’s not just a “diet” that you do for a bit and then stop. But even when you do have a little lapse, I the tools and knowledge provided will help you get back on track again.

Sarah W.

Working with Stacy has been a completely transformative experience. My mindset, eating habits, outlook on nutrition and health, and my level of self-acceptance have all been enriched under her guidance.

Stacy's wealth of knowledge, passion and dedication are balanced with a healthy dose of kindness and fun!

The highly curated resources that she shares with her clients are current and practical. Her approach to working with clients lends itself to successful experiences, a sense of belonging, and many opportunities for personal growth.

I truly can't say enough about working with Stacy and about having her as part of my tribe. If you're on the fence about whether or not you should work with her, know that she's totally worth it, and so are you!

Bev M.

Stacy has a wonderful approach in teaching mindfulness, self-awareness and self-compassion. And, she’s hilarious.

I have only been working with Stacy for a few months, but in that short time, her program has had a huge impact on my life. This is exactly what I needed to gain insight into the barriers that have been preventing me from meeting my wellness goals.

I thought I had a fairly good understanding of nutrition and wellness but the resources Stacy provides in her program have been mind-blowing for me! I love that so much of the learning is through podcasts – so easy to listen to while going for a walk or prepping a meal.

I also LOVE the supportive nature of the SYN community and look forward to our group sessions each week.

My sleep has improved, I’m not experiencing brain fog while working and my energy levels are way up. And, while I am losing weight, WITHOUT dieting, it really has just been a bonus to my new healthstyle!

Sarah C.

Stacy is what every woman needs in her life!

I came to Stacy’s program at a time when I needed some extra guidance and accountability to help reach my health goals. What I love so much about Stacy is that while I was always fixated on a number I had to reach, she was always able to see the big picture and help me, both emotionally and physically.

Her accountability program, the Ate app and her weekly phone calls is so refreshing and unique in this industry. She takes a holistic approach with each client and understands that everyone is different and I loved that so much about her program. She saw me as an individual and not just another person to throw the same material at. My weekly phone call with Stacy was literally the best part of my week, every week! I looked forward to hearing her thoughts and wisdom and how to plan out my week to make it successful for me. She was always able to provide ideas, meal plans, accountability, and a friendly ear.

Not only was Stacy my biggest cheerleader but she also provides an amazing community of positive and like-minded women to connect with. I will be forever grateful to Stacy for having provided me with all the tools that I needed during this time. Stacy’s smile and laugh is infectious, she makes you feel like you are talking to your best friend, her positivity (and funness!) radiates through all of her videos, lives, tiktoks and her deep understanding and knowledge of health and wellness is unmatched. Thank you Stacy for being such a bright light and bringing that light into my life!!!

Amy R.

When I signed up for Stacy's program I had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that I needed help and something had to change. I had watched her adorable TikToks and was just drawn to her personality. After our first conversation, I knew this was exactly what I needed. 

Stacy teaches accountability. But she also teaches self-love, acceptance, and comes at you with a non-judgmental approach. UNLEARNING habits and UNLEARNING things that you tie to your core person or that you have held onto for years is HARD. But Stacy smiles, laughs and gives you tips to redirect you.

If you're a perfectionist or type A like me, it's really hard when all of a sudden things don't feel perfect. But Stacy has this innate ability to pick you up, steer you back in the right direction, and show you that this is not a QUICK FIX, this is a LIFESTYLE and that you are killing it!

She is a mentor and she is also your biggest cheerleader. This experience has been so informative and emotional for me. Stacy has truly changed my approach to food, helped me to really look at my body and how it works from a completely different perspective. I feel more in touch, more confident, and truly...genuinely just happier. If you need someone to help guide you or teach you a few new things - Stacy is your girl. Sign up. You'll be happy you did.

Paula W.

I started working with Stacy back in June 2021. I had just sprained my ankle and found myself unable to move as much as I was used to, even though I continued to eat as if I was my old active self.

I knew pretty quickly that something needed to change! This led me to find Stacy on Instagram. I enjoyed watching her videos and her positive outlook on life. I signed up for a free 30-minute phone call and knew that I needed Stacy in my life.

From day one she has been my number one cheerleader. She gently encourages me to make mindful and worthwhile choices when deciding on my food path. One of my favorite pieces of advice from her is that I’m an adult and I don’t get to eat everything I want whenever I want it, and I need to make sure it's worth it!

I was never a believer in mindful eating until I started working with Stacy and working through all the great material within her course. A slow shift happened in the way I looked at food and how I enjoy it. Now that my food path is under control she is gently encouraging/coaching/making-me-accountable to include exercise in my daily routine.

Stacy knows her stuff! Whenever I have a question she is quick to answer it and often includes a link to a great article or podcast to further my knowledge. She is delightful to work with and I am very thankful I found her when I did.

Jen M.

Stacy was recommended to me by a friend/colleague back in June. While much of my life and career was going well, I was struggling in some other areas and I knew I needed support.

A little background…about 4 years prior, I experienced two traumatic accidents and suffered two head injuries that significantly impacted my brain. This affected my ability to treat my body well, break bad habits and stop using coping mechanisms that I formed since my accidents. I found myself coping with some unhelpful habits (drinking, smoking, ordering in takeout daily). These habits helped me to temporarily relieve stress and anxiety, but I knew that they were contributing to my declining physical and mental health.

Reaching out was hard as for my entire life, fitness and being healthy/well always came naturally to me. But my first conversation with Stacy was one of comfort and ease. I felt seen, heard, and valued. I didn’t feel judged and I knew that Stacy understood the complexities of good intention layered with old habits, ways of thinking, and beliefs about myself.

Once Stacy and I started working together, it became so clear to me how tailored her approach is with each client. She truly makes an effort to create access points that make sense for each individual person. It’s definitely not a one-size fits all approach. I really appreciated how she focused on habits and starting small, and the tracking app she uses was actually a lot of fun. The community of women that are on the app as well (who are other clients) is super supportive and I found myself getting a lot of great ideas and strategies from them.

In the last year in particular, I have experienced a lot of change and “aha” moments. The work with Stacy has truly helped me to simplify my approach to my health and recognize that it’s not about being perfect, but simply being consistent where I am able to be.

My relationship and work with Stacy has been one of empowerment, ease, and FUN. I am so grateful to have met her and been able to have fun in the process of shifting my habits with my health. Stacy is a GAME CHANGER and working with her has helped to create a light in my life that has been dark for a long time.

Kerry G.

What a gift Stacy Yates is! I knew immediately from the warm welcome I received, that this was going to be wonderfully different….and it was. 

Stacy builds instant rapport and trust in her non-judgmental, supportive approach. Stacy's high-touch program is holistic, balanced and thorough as well as customized to meet my needs and my goals. She provides high quality resources that are interesting and insightful and helped me think about things that I was not aware of or had not considered before.

I learned soooo much in my work with her; I became aware of my blind spots and identified patterns and habits that I did not realize I had. THIS is precisely where the change happens and I would not have uncovered these things without Stacy. The things that I learned, I put into practice immediately and this too is where the change happens! Working with Stacy is such a positive and FUN experience, in a connected, supported, accountable way. I am well on my way to reaching my goals!

Lori H.

Thank you for the last 12 weeks (which I can't believe is over....) it's been amazing to work through this process with you and your program is so very amazing.

I think you tackle the hard truths that come with a lifestyle shift and while most programs make it all about the weight loss (which is the least important thing really), you focus on the real life, tangible tools where if you master them, weight loss will be a happy side effect.

I love the approach, keep doing what you are doing, it's gold.

Terri H.

I enjoyed the 12-week program with Stacy very much. Throughout my life I have experienced many programs to help maintain a healthy weight and healthy attitude towards food through all life challenges including menopause.

I felt that working with Stacy helped solidify some things for me plus I’ve gained some new ideas, strategies and recipes.  The resources that Stacy sent for us to experience are thought provoking, interesting and relevant.

The app was easy to use (for someone that doesn’t use many apps) and easy to incorporate in my day.

This process with Stacy’s support and guidance helped me to be more aware of my choices and to be “in the moment “ in all aspects to be aware of what I’m eating, why, and to savor and enjoy.

I also appreciated the camaraderie of this program! Thank you, Stacy.

Angie B.

I love working with Stacy. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, she is compassionate, a realist and she manages to keep it fun. I have had several “aha" moments while working with her, and she has helped me spot loopholes in my own eating patterns and habits. Staying healthy is a lifestyle and Stacy is the first coach I have worked with who approaches all aspects and walks her talk. I definitely recommend working with her!