Why I Don't Count Calories or Macros

accountability awareness calories food freedom macronutrients whole foods Dec 14, 2022

Nutrition is highly individual. What works for one may not work for another, and so there is an inherent layer of experimentation that we all need to take in order to find what makes us feel the best. So if this works for you, great!

Having said that, there are some baselines that we can all start with AND some tools that I prefer to stay away from in my practice.

Baseline starting points include things like whole foods over processed, including enough protein, balancing meals, and all the lifestyle factors that complement healthy nutrition.

The stuff I tend to stay away from includes anything that needs to be counted: like calories, macros and points.

Here’s why…

To me, the ultimate form of food freedom means trusting myself and my body enough to be able to make choices that are supportive of my goals and my health no matter where I am or what I am doing: like on vacation, eating in a restaurant or enjoying at meal at someone else’s house.

Food freedom also means being able to listen to my body and relying on internal messaging instead of external messaging in the form of diet experts, doctors and yes, even nutritionists!

What we really need is AWARENESS of what is going on (which includes WHY we make certain choices), ALIGNMENT with our goals and values, ACCOUNTABILITY to help us as we implement change (which is always somewhat uncomfortable) and supported ACTION to propel us forward.

Calorie, macro or points counting may be helpful to some but I find that what usually happens with counting as a prolonged tool, is a continued obsession around the counting, a disassociation with food and how it actually makes you feel, rigidity with food choices, and an inherent inability to trust yourself.

Trusting yourself to make supportive food choices is a skill, but it is a skill that CAN be learned.

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