Identify Your Habits (Awareness through Curiosity)

awareness habits Oct 18, 2022

Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit”, notes that 40-45% of what we do every day is a habit and not an actual decision.

This has tremendous implications for our daily lives. If almost half of our perceived decisions are actually habits, it’s certainly worth examining what the heck they are!

Part of the reason I enjoy using a photo-journaling food app with my clients is that it’s a pretty simple and non-invasive way to identify habits and patterns with food. We may not realize we do a certain thing every day or every week, but when we are able to look at it objectively over a period of time, certain regularities become obvious. Being able to identify both helpful and unhelpful habit patterns when it comes to a healthy lifestyle is absolutely critical, because (as Mr. Duhigg has pointed out) so many actions are done unconsciously.

So it's important to identify your current habits – particularly within the areas that you would like to see change. Act impartially, with a non-judgmental mind, and simply observe. Only when you are able to identify habit patterns that are unhelpful, will you be able to begin the work of changing them.

James Clear, in his book “Atomic Habits” notes that writing down ALL your habits (supportive and unsupportive) is also particularly useful for habit stacking. Habit stacking involves loading a habit that you'd LIKE to cultivate onto a habit that is already very solid in your life. Brushing your teeth is a great example of this. You’d be surprised just how many habits we perform unconsciously throughout the day. 

Awareness is always the first part. Watch this short 3-minute video on how Charles Duhigg does some investigation into why he has developed an unsupportive cookie habit during his afternoons. See if you can apply the same logic into an area of your life!


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