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Knowing what to do isn't the same as actually doing it.

With accountability at the core, I can help you create healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits through a mix of high-touch coaching, nutrition education, mindset work, eating skills training, and behavior change.




It's the first step to ANY change.

You have nutrition and lifestyle habits that you aren't even aware of. Some of them work to your advantage, and some of them work against you. 

Together, we will uncover the habits, behaviors and mindsets that keep you repeating familiar yet undesired patterns without any drama, guilt, shame or judgment. 



We all have different values, and those values get reflected in our food choices. Sometimes we have competing choices, and knowing what we value MOST at any given time can be really helpful.

We will identify your top values and use them to help you make the best choices that align most closely with your goals and your values!

When you're able to tie values to actions, you'll find that the things you "need to do" become a lot easier!


Awareness allows us to see what's going on. Alignment helps us determine goals that fit our values. But these things alone won't be enough to cause change. We need to take action. 

Commitment and dedication, (not motivation) are required in order to make this happen. But when we know what is important and why, action becomes a lot easier - especially with accountability and community layered in.  


Accountability is almost always, the missing piece for women in creating and maintaining skills and habits.

Within my program, I will hold space for you in a safe, positive, fun, yet high-expectation environment. You will be challenged in the best way possible and will be supported by other women in my community who are working on similar goals.

You don't have to "do healthy" on your own. 

Let me ask you a question:

If you knew someone was observing everything you ate and was encouraging and supporting you to make the choices you wanted to you think you'd likely make better choices?


100% HELL YES. (It isn't a trick question)

In my program, I see everything you eat and you may also choose to see the eating paths of all the other ladies in my amazing community.

You'll receive feedback on your meals and coaching on your eating patterns from a holistic nutritionist who has been practicing for 5+ years.

In our community, we cheer each other on, support each other and also learn really amazing lessons like these together:

  • You don't need to eat "perfectly" or do crazy fad diets to attain results.
  • One bad day or meal doesn't mean anything. What matters is that you get back at it right away! (And that's a lot easier to do when someone is encouraging you to do so!)
  • Everyone has different goals and preferred methods of eating. You need to do what works best for YOU! And I will help you figure that out.
  • We all need support and accountability on this journey because it gets boring and there are many times you want to give up. You don't have to "do" healthy on your own!